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Ultra-pure wate for Lab.
A. Features:1. The device is combined with RO membrane + nuclear-grade mixed bed D.I. cartridges and 0.2um filter.2. Water quality could up to 2 MΩ.cm.3. Installed with inline RO monitors and Ultra-pure water monitor.4. Apply to micro-organic analysis such as cell culture, gene research, atomic absorbance, environmental analysis…etc.B. Major specifications: 1. Production capacity: 960 LPD2. Ultra-filtration: 0.2um filter x 10”3. RO membrane: TFC- 30104. Water quality (TOC): < 20 PPB5. Weight: 48 kg6. Option: ROP-100UV
R.O. system for water plant
Major features:1. Raw water quality: TDS less than 5000 PPM2. Production capacity: 12000 GPD.3. With pretreatment filtration system.4. High efficiency booster pumps.5. Completed with UV + Ozone6. Filmtec R.O. membrane "Spiral Wound" type 4040 x 8pcs.7. SUS 304 tank installed with 0.2 micron air filter.8. The durable an compact design.
Suspensory filling & capping machine
Major specifications: 1. Filling volume: 0.3 - 1.5L 2. Filling capacity: 1500 - 4500 BPH 3. Water requirement: 2.5 Tons. 4. Total filling nozzle: 18 5. Power: 3.5 - 6.3 kw 6. Machine weight: 3000 kgOptions: Model UFM-6000/12000/18000 BPH are available.

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